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AdminFeeSettlement Lawsuit

  • A $8.25 million settlement has been proposed to resolve claims that CIGNA charged improper administrative fees
  • The case is entitled In re: Cigna-American Specialty Health Administrative Fee Litigation
  • Please visit www.adminfeesettlement.com to learn more or file a claim
  • Under review in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Who should file a claim?

If you’re a legal resident of the United States and meet the following requirements:

“Plan members whose plan benefits and/or cost share under a plan were determined based on American Specialty Health’s charges to Cigna for the following types of services: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.”

Proof of purchase is not required according to the AdminFeeSettlement documents.

How much money will CIGNA Admin Fee Settlement class members receive?

Great Question!

According to the experts close to the case:

“The amount paid to each Class Member will depend on the net settlement fund left after costs and the amount each Class Member paid in co-payment and deductible amounts.”

If you have any questions in regards to the settlement payout please dial toll-free 888-206-2123.

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www.adminfeesettlement.com Contact Information

  • Mail: Cigna-American Specialty Health Administrative Fee Litigation c/o A.B. Data Ltd. P.O. Box 173065 Milwaukee, WI 53217
  • Phone: 888-206-2123
  • Email: info@AdminFeeSettlement.com

AdminFeeSettlement Key Dates

  • The deadline for exclusion and objection is July 10, 2019
  • 8/9/2019: Fairness hearing

Class Counsel

The following lawyers have been appointed by the court to represent class members in In re: Cigna-American Specialty Health Administrative Fee Litigation.

Steven A. Schwartz Mark B. DeSanto CHIMICLES SCHWARTZ KRINER & DONALDSON-SMITH LLP Jason M. Knott D. Brian Hufford Jason S. Cowart Nell Z. Peyser ZUCKERMAN SPAEDER LLP.

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